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Heart Health in Focus: Bixby Students Lead the Way with Preventative Screenings

At ATS, our dedication to the health and well-being of children and families across the states where we operate is unwavering. Our My-HeartCheck® program stands as a testament to this ongoing commitment. Through collaborative efforts with nonprofit organizations, we’ve significantly impacted over 12,000 children’s lives by providing sustainable, measurable heart assessment programs and contributing to vital research to validate outcomes.

This is not just a numerical achievement; it represents the countless smiles, dreams, and futures safeguarded. As we continue this journey, our vision is to expand our reach and make a difference in even more lives, ensuring that every child can grow up knowing their heart health is protected and their future is secure.

Preventative Heart Screenings at Bixby High School

A recent event at Bixby High School exemplified our mission in action. Students and their families gathered on a Saturday afternoon for preventative heart screenings, a critical component of My-HeartCheck®.

Early Detection Through EKGs and Ultrasounds

Those who registered for the event were offered EKGs and ultrasounds to assess their heart functioning. These screenings are pivotal in identifying potential cardiac conditions that might otherwise remain undetected.

A Parent’s Peace of Mind

For parents, this opportunity to have their children screened for heart conditions is invaluable. Knowing that their children’s heart health is being proactively addressed brings peace and security. Preventative screenings have the potential to uncover hidden conditions, ensuring early intervention and treatment when necessary.

Join Us in Prioritizing Children’s Heart Health

My-HeartCheck® is not just a program; it’s a lifeline for children and their families. We invite you to join us in prioritizing the heart health of the next generation. By participating in initiatives like these, we can work together to ensure that no heart condition goes undetected and that every child can have a healthy and thriving future. My-HeartCheck® reflects our unwavering commitment to children’s health, and we’re determined to keep making a difference, one heart at a time.

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